Interview im IT-Newsletter

Geschrieben am 18. Oktober 2010 von Mario Clavadetscher

Interview im IT-Newsletter der Credit Suisse mit Mario Clavadetscher:

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Mario’s Keep fIT Tips!

marioclavadetscher6A few minutes with CS ITs very fit member of staff, Mario
Clavadetscher, Business Application Owner of Risk Saver
Switzerland, based in Chur.





What are your interests outside of work?

At 14, I began martial arts – Judo, Karate and Ju Jitsu. I loved
mixing self defence with fitness. Then I progressed to Boxing
pa1867112and Escrima (weapon-based fighting), before finding Wing
Chun, an old Chinese Kung Fu-style of martial arts which was
first brought to America by Bruce Lee. In1999, a colleague
and I opened our own Wing Chun School in Chur, Switzerland.
We teach Wing Chun & Chi Gong (physical, mental & selfenlightening
martial arts), incorporating different relaxation
methods into our training like meditation techniques derived
from Buddhism.


What does your weekly sports schedule look like?

I go to the gym three times a week to do about an hour of
pa186696weight training each time. Then, on the days I don’t lift
weights, I do cardiovascular work twice a week – jogging or
striking my punch bag. Two times each week, I practice Wing
Chun and Chi Gong alone or with my colleague, and of course
I teach my students on top of that. Once a month, I travel to
Biel in Switzerland, to visit the Wing Chun Master. And last but
not least, I practice Vipassana 15 minutes daily (one of India’s
most ancient meditation techniques).


How difficult is it to find time to exercise?

Family and work demand a lot of my time and energy, so
naturally it isn’t easy to always fit in my rigorous exercise
pa1867461regime. In fact, I have had to cut it down significantly since
having children! I now run around with them as part of my
aerobic fitness. When I have to travel to Zürich for work, I find
I’m too tired in the evening to do my workout so I cancel it – I
am only human after all! But I always have a responsibility to
my students so there is no getting out of that!



Explain why you think staying fit is important.

There are many studies that show the human need for healthy food, aerobics,
muscle strength training and flexibility, for example Yoga, plus mental
exercise to help prevent illness.
I personally think it’s easier to manage stress if you have a
good work/life/exercise balance.


What are your tips to other office workers wanting a
healthier lifestyle?

Eat more fruit and vegetables, reduce alcohol, sugar, smoking
pa186747and animal fat (try to eat more fish and chicken rather than red
meat). Find a sport you like, and if you don’t like sports then
do some weight training at home. Don’t use the elevator and
remember to move your body at least 30 minutes each day,
even walk a few stops further to catch your train. Try
Autogenic training (a relaxation technique) or MBSR
(Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction). I think it is important to
keep your mind in order and I believe in psychotherapy and
making time for friends.


If you could do any job, what would it be?

I am very happy with the mix I have today, IT at CS combined
with my Wing Chun School. I sometimes think it would be nice
to be more involved with Wing Chun, Meditation and Chi Gong
on a full time basis, but I’m not sure it is always the best thing
to make your hobby your job.